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Praesta LEADERS POUR LE Coaching individuel de performance dirigeants

The Power of Coaching

However good you are, you can always get better.

Those who have reached the highest level of corporate and organisational responsibility have long been aware that it is by constantly pushing your own limits - in performance, creativity, power of persuasion – that you can really make a difference.

Most business leaders are able to push themselves to do more. When it comes to doing things differently, doing better, that’s where you can really benefit from external support, someone who is committed to your goals but has no personal agenda, a robust and constructive sounding board…in short, an executive coach.

By investing in a manager in this way, a company is putting its money on the man or woman who can carry it forward; to choose coaching is to choose courage, risk-taking, entrepreneurship. And the value of coaching is visible, both for individuals and for boards & executive teams: better performance, higher efficiency, keener priorities, more compelling and effective leadership.

There is no better proof of the bottom-line value of business coaching than the fact that the vast majority of new business comes directly from personal recommendations of former clients. It is truly a case of ‘seeing is believing’

In France and around the world, Praesta is a leading player in this quest for excellence. Our name comes from the Latin praestare ‘to excel’, and around this brand we have gathered a team of seasoned coaches committed to offering the best our profession has to offer. We are all former business leaders (but not ‘éminences grises ‘ !), and we will work with you towards your goals, at your pace. You will find more about who we are and what we can bring you in the following pages.

Since being founded in 1994, the international Praesta Group, initially known as The Change Partnership, has worked with more than 6000 managers from more than 700 client organisations throughout the world. We are the world’s leading specialized executive coaching firm, and today have offices in some 15 countries.

In Praesta we have set out to create a place for challenges and pragmatism, ambitions and insight, laced with a well developed sense of humour.

We feel good here. We trust you will too.