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Top Team Development
As part of the value we bring to individual leaders, we frequently coach their Boards and Executive teams.

As there are many offerings in this area, we believe it is important to make clear what the term ‘Team Coaching’ means for us (and just as importantly, what it does not mean!)

Firstly, Team Coaching is not Teambuilding, whose main goal is to develop the ‘interpersonal lubricant’ which promotes better human relationships among members of a team.

Nor is it group coaching, where individual coaching is practised in a group environment, each participant occupying successively the roles of coach, coachee and observer; this practice is frequently used to develop the ‘coaching attitude’ in managers who have no intention of becoming coaches.

For Praesta, team coaching is directly comparable to individual coaching, with in the place of the coachee a group of individuals constituted as an organic entity. We do not purport to be experts on the subject matter discussed, but the familiarity which comes from years of practical boardroom experience enables us to get straight to the heart of what needs to be improved in the team’s performance: how it works, individual and collective dynamic behaviours, and all the myths, beliefs, affects and prejudices which make a team what it is.

Compared to former times, executive teams are created and re-invented much more frequently, and less ‘organically’ (via internal promotion) This lack of permanence and the way it impacts team effectiveness is a real challenge, one which targeted team coaching can really help to meet.

We propose both collective support (facilitation of offsites, fly-on-the-wall participation in monthly meetings…) and individual coaching, where a team member can be coached on certain personal and group behaviours outside the direct environment of the team.

We strongly believe that team development is a long haul process, which is why we rarely propose offsite facilitation without some form of structured follow-up to ensure that new practices are anchored in daily reality.

All our team coaching is tailored to individual needs and situations.